International Women’s Day, #heretocreate for Adidas

First, I apologize that my website is under construction. As of now, I have decided to stick with a simple website and blog because quite honestly, it’s less work, less pressure — which allows me to write freely and passionately instead of feeling obligated. I find that my words are much more engaging and authentic when I don’t have an agenda to push.

Today was international women’s day, a day, if not the day to be celebrated, especially in our fitness community. I shot a short film with the brilliant videographer and music producer, Matt Black of Young Heavy Souls. It truly captures the essence of everything I feel passionate about; my daughters, fitness, and empowerment.

In case you missed my post on Instagram:

Today, through media and societal pressure, young girls and women think they have to buy the anti-aging cream, act a certain way to avoid being name-called, and a number of other ridiculous expectations. The thing is, at some point you either decide to allow that to dictate who you are, or you stand up and show the world who YOU are.
Through life I have learned to accept my flaws and embrace my strengths; I know that I am more than these two extremes. I stopped living for what people expect of me, and started living for life.

Today, know the strength in the word ‘woman’. It no longer only represents a person who bears a child, that wears a dress. We are individuals that ignite the world.


Happy day, to all of you strong, badass women out there.


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