Sculpting Your Mom-Bod

One of the things I never thought to do before I began seriously lifting was to change my body. I thought I had been dealt the body I was given, pancake booty and all. While our genetics play a large role in the way we lose and gain weight, it isn’t impossible to sculpt our bodie the way we want. Just for reference, the three most sought after goals I hear from women are:

  • weight-loss
  • bulking
  • sculpting

Each of these has very different guidelines as you are looking for dramatically different results. When I first began my journey a little over a year ago, if you asked me what my goal was I would have said, to have a six-pack and to be skinny. Six months ago when I began weightlifting, I learned I could shape my body the way I want to. Since then, I have been working on growing my glutes. 
Following my first pregnancy (eleven years ago, GASP), I began carrying weight in my middle. With naturally thin legs and arms it was increasingly noticeable. At my best, I was running five miles a day but still had a jiggly stomach. Now that I am lifting heavy, I notice my middle slowly getting leaner. This is without any specific abdominal work. I tell ladies that DM me on Instagram asking me about exercises to close Diastasis Recti, and I will tell you; we have to move away from traditional abs workouts. Even for women who have not beared children, crunches are not necessary to get a flat stomach. More than that, they don’t give you a strong core. 
With all of this being said, sculpting my body has been one of the most empowering things I have ever done. Having the ability to reach goals I place that I never thought possible is an amazing feeling. 

The photo on the left is on Day One of my journey, Feb. 23 2016. The photo on the right is from this morning, March 10 2017. If I could only give you one piece of advice, it would be this — it will not happen overnight. It takes time, keep going. Don’t fall for the gimmicks, put in the work, it will be worth the benefits, especially ones you don’t expect. 
Happy πŸŸπŸŽ‰, friends.


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