Keep Going 


I took the weekend away from social media (more or less) to reboot. Sometimes I need to step back from the things I do with love and honesty so I can appreciate them and continue growing from my contribution. No one is immune to negativity or bad days. 

This past weekend was spent in an urgent care, followed by the ER. Everything is OK, I assure you, just #mommingsohard. (Please don’t hold that hashtag against me.) Being mom was more important than squatting and it took first place in priority. 

I took too many days off from lifting between the end of last week and the beginning of this week — but that doesn’t mean I “fell off” or need to restart, I will simply continue/pick up where I left off. This is usually where people tell themselves they have been away from working out too long and they continue downwards instead of allowing themselves to be human. The first time you go back to the gym or pick up your weights after a hiatus is an amazing feeling — same goes for the workout you initially have no drive to do, but when you finish, you feel high off the endorphins. I can come up with any metaphor for fitness and life because the amount of dedication you have to have to physically and mentally drag yourself to the gym relates to life in so many ways.

Sometimes it’s as simple as eating a good meal to motivate me to get back into the swing of my workouts. Here are a few habits I have adopted to stay on my A game. 

Make a schedule. This one sounds easy enough right? Most people have a schedule in their mind for plans, but writing/typing it so you can visually see what days you will perform specific routines is so different than just having a rough draft in your mind. I personally feel more connected to my workouts if I have them written down. That way they become more engrained, it’s harder to make excuses not to do it, and I can begin to look forward to beating my previous PR or try a new exercise. Which takes me to my next healthy habit…

A positive mind goes a long way. I try to look forward to every workout, even my cardio days where I would rather be lifting. Thinking about the benefits and the fact that I am able bodied to run/bike/perform HIIT always helps. 

Do a five minute workout. Anyone can commit to a five minute workout. Allow yourself to warm-up. Do something you enjoy so the chances of you continuing are much higher than quitting. And then keep going.

Don’t just remember why you started, remember why you’re still doing it. Motivation changes during every stage of life. My initial motivations for beginning my fitness journey were so simple: lose weight, look good naked. Boom. Today, my motivations are much less transparent: health, muscle growth, I don’t want to quit, I want to show my daughters what a strong woman looks like…

And lastly,

Don’t take it too seriously. There are so many pressures in life. While I take fitness itself seriously, I also find it incredibly enjoyable. Do the things you like, not the things you “have to do”. If you hate running, find a different way to move. 

OK, let’s take this amazing opportunity for a new week; listen with patience, think with intention, and act with love.


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