Mommin’ Ain’t Easy – Bump Boxes Unboxing + Coupon Code!

My friends over at Bump Boxes just sent me a “fourth trimester” box and it has alllll the goodies I didn’t know I needed. If you caught my IGstories today I did an unboxing. I highly suggest you check them out. With Mother’s Day around the corner this is the perfect gift! They have bump boxes for each trimester during pregnancy to postpartum. 

What I received in my Bump Box

This particular box is for postpartum, and is so thoughtfully curated. The thing I love best about the items is that they are either natural or organic, all high quality. It also included coupon codes for a few of the brands included in the package.

This Glow 9 bath bomb smells so good and rejuvenating. It comes free when you order your first Bump Box! (Keep reading for a coupon code.)

The next item are these argan oil wipes which are perfect for hydrating the skin and giving you a refreshing feeling…because showering is a luxury.

This stretchmark minimizing cream is suppppper creamy and thick, without leaving a residue. I used some on my hands and they felt so soft.

I love this ‘mommin ain’t easy’ mug for on-the-go trips because ain’t it the truth?? 

Next, a hot chocolate bar by popbar. This is genius. I need ten more.
Dry shampoo is life. I’m going to be using this one religiously!

The last thing I want to share is the non caffeinated chamomile tea. These loose herbs look so good, I can’t wait to curl up with a good book and brew this. Who am I kidding, I’ll probably be locking myself in the bathroom pretending to poop while I drink it in privacy — either way, I can’t wait!

I’m so impressed with everything Bump Box sent me. When you order your box use coupon code: FitbyalBump for 30% OFF your first box which includes a free Glow 9 Organics bath bomb too!




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