Little Boo + Me Fullbody Workout

Are you ready for the first Little Boo + Me #sculptbyal??

I know for me, Little Boo hates when I do anything that takes my attention away from her. So when it comes time to workout I rarely get more than twenty minutes in before she’s screaming for me with her arms reaching up at me to pick her up. That’s what makes this workout so perfect for SAHMs and anyone with a little one running about; this combines traditional exercises while incorporating your little(s)!  

What you’ll need:

• a small child, a toddler is best suited for these specific exercises since they require the child to hold on

Ready?? Lessssdodis!


squat + lift / squat to overhead press 4×10

•while holding your toddler by their underarms, make sure your feet are planted on the floor slightly wider than shoulder width apart 

•keep your back and pelvis neutral and squat down to chair height 

•pause for 2 seconds

•come back to standing position, repeat 


Little Boo bench press 3×12

•begin laying on your back, knees up

•hold your toddler by the underarms

•if you can direct your child to keep their legs tucked this is ideal so their feet don’t hinder your movement 

•lift your toddler over your chest into the air

•extend your arms, but don’t hyperextend your elbows 

•keep your back solid on the floor, an arch in your lower back is OK

•lower your toddler down slowly without putting them all the way down on you, repeat


weighted push-up 3×8 

•have your toddler lay on you [with their stomach touching your back] while grasping you around your side

•perform a traditional push-up or modify: perform a push-up on your knees, repeat 


weighted tricep dips 4×15

•with your toddler sitting on your lap, have them face you and hug you around your waist

•perform a traditional tricep dip, repeat


weighted glute bridge 4×15

•have your toddler sit upright, either facing you or hugging your knees

•perform a glute bridge or modify: to make this movement more difficult and target your lower hamstrings and calves, perform on your toes (as photoed)

•lower down, repeat


baby swing / kettlebell swing 3×15

hold your toddler under their arms

•with feet slightly wider than shoulder width, swing your child in front of you while bending at the knees into a squatting position, repeat


weighted hip thrusts 4×15

•with back resting on the couch, have your toddler sit upright on your lap

•perform a traditional hip thrust, make sure to squeeze your glutes on the way up, repeat




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