Regain Upper Body Strength #sculptbyal

New moms:

It’s hard to know where to start after you have your baby. The two of you are adjusting to each other. If you’re breastfeeding you’re finding a marriage between bonding and selflessly giving. As you meander through this new thing called ‘motherhood’, you also begin to feel the urge to “get your body back”. I have developed a quick upper body workout for beginners and anyone trying to regain strength after taking a break. Since I am someone who gets bored easily (especially with circuits), I’ve made this workout with that in mind! You will perform 20 exercises with only 1 set per exercise. We are doing enough similar movements that you will still be getting good strength training in for the biceps, triceps, deltoids, and upper back (traps and lats). 

As a mom myself, I have limited time to workout and also a small space. In this video you’ll see how I utilize a 10X5′ space in my living room for all my exercises. It is possible to get a good workout in under less than desirable circumstances. No excuses!


In this upper-body workout we’ll be using all the large mucsle groups in the shoulders, arms, and back. 


What you need:

•5-10 lb weights 




Some key items to think about:

  • Go for quality movements – we are only doing 10-20 reps per exercise as opposed to 4 sets of 15 (for example), so try to move consciously and take your time
  • try – it’s OK if you can only do push-ups on your knees — even if you are only capable of bending at the elbows and not getting considerably close to the floor — keep going
  • stop if you feel discomfort – do challenge yourself, don’t push yourself to the point of distress 

Ready?? Let’s go!


If you like this workout, sound off in the comments section below and let me know what other exercises/workouts you want to see! 


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