My “Favorite” Full-body Exercises 

There are arguably many exercises that are great for total body, but not many compare to my three favorites — or I should say “favorites” because 4 sets in I hate them.



This one is a no brainer for me. Whether you do them on your knees, toes, as Spider-Man push-ups, diamond…they all test your upper body, core, and stability. Sure it makes it more fun and interesting to use machines and weights, but practicing good ol’ push-ups is a sure way to build strength and endurance. Not to mention when you use dumbbells (for example) it doesn’t compare to lifting your own bodyweight. Train smart and use a mix of modalities. 



Jump squats, single leg, double pulse, weighted — squats are amazing for the glutes, hamstrings, quads, and core. I closed my Diastasis Recti doing many squats. A lot of women turn to guides over traditional exercises because we are overloaded with information and il-informed on the benefits of traditional exercises. I love squats because they challenge and strengthen the lower body while burning major calories. 



I used to dread burpees. Still, after leg day they are rarely welcome. Burpees are (in my opinion) the best full body exercise. They combine everything I just talked about with ultimate efficiency. It’s important to use proper form while performing burpees (like any other exercise) to get the most out of it — don’t cheat during reps if you want to ever get good at them. And remember that quality over quantity is the way to becoming stronger and having more endurance.


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