Shooting in San Fran with Volition Beauty 

​Out of all the places I’ve traveled to in the world, San Francisco is one of the most diverse, if not the most diverse. A memorable experience among the many was meeting Uber and Lyft drivers from all over the world. Nepal, Afganistan, Russia, Vietnam, Brazil…I was so grateful to learn from each of the people I met during my trip, as they brought a different perspective on life.

The purpose of this trip was to shoot an up-coming campaign with Volition Beauty. As an (unprofessional) athlete, mom, and minimalist, the company’s mission and business model spoke to my lifestyle and personal beliefs so much that I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to work with them. The brand flew me out to gorgeous San Francisco and put me up in a Tuscany style hotel north of the city, across the Golden Gate Bridge, called the Lodge at Tiburon. 

above images courtesy of The Lodge

This quaint area houses some of the most expensive and coveted real estate in the Bay Area. With its own cove, adorable downtown, and view of downtown SF I can totally see why. Houses atop tall meandering hills and an affluent history, this area was a quiet, restful place to go back to each evening during my stay.



I had the amazing opportunity to meet some of my favorite Instagram gals in real life. It was so inspiring and heart-warming to meet these moms, sharing laughs and exchanging stories — it was a nice break in my work trip.

A lot of people have asked me about the shoot and how I was so calm during filming. I wasn’t. I was nervous, self conscious, and could feel my heart pounding. It is a much different experience to stand in front of production and cue cards with a room full of people, than seeing it on TV or fantasizing about it. I feel fortunate for the patient and very down-to-earth team I worked with. 

The final campaign will launch sometime in August/September and I can’t wait to share with you all. 

This trip taught me so much about my capabilities; beyond my fears, it gave me the ability to travel alone, something I haven’t done and prefer not to do. Stepping outside of my comfort zone was difficult, but made me face my anxiety head on. I’m a better person after this trip for many reasons. I look forward to the next one and will embrace it no matter the heart palpitations that may accompany it, because I don’t want to just dream, I want to live my life.


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