#sculptbyal Arm Day 1.0 – My First Public Full Arm Day Workout


I love arm day. Before you tell me that your upper body is weak and it’s too hard for you to lift weights let’s just have a pep talk, OK?


Two years ago I was in front of the TV in my living room. Little Boo was about 9 months old, jumping in her bouncer. I had 2 and 10 lb weights on call, and an On Demand workout ready to go. I had no fucking idea what I was doing. I couldn’t do one push-up, I struggled even to jump up to do one pull-up, and my arms were constantly sore after carrying my baby around for any extended period of time.


We all start from somewhere.


I love arm day because it makes me step my game up. For each workout I have felt weak, I know some day I will obtain another accomplishment and that excites the bejesus out of me. Get excited about becoming stronger, leaner, and more confident.

Here is the #sculptbyal Arm Day 1.0 workout. 

Remember to:

-use proper form, but challenge yourself

-don’t swing or use your body to propel, focus on using the muscles you are trying to strengthen 

-when it gets hard, just think to yourself, I can do one more rep 


Overcome, and continue on. You got this.





⇻Push-ups [10 reps]

⇻Tricep dips [10 reps]

tip: rest on heels for tricep dips so you don’t use your legs to cheat 



⇻overhead press [20 reps]

⇻lat pull-downs [20 reps]

tip: lighter weight (OHpress 10-15 lb, lat pulldowns 10-15 lbs [I use a resistance band])



⇻downward dog flow (description below) [5 reps]

⇻lateral raise [15 reps]

tip: moderate weight (lat raise 15-20 lbs)



⇻benchpress [8 reps]

⇻rows [15 reps]

tip: moderate weight 



⇻bicep curls [8reps]

⇻tricep flies [8 reps]

tip: moderate to heavy weight 



⇻plank w. alt. knees to floor [30 reps]

⇻backward plank w. tricep dip [10 reps]



⇻push-ups to failure 

how many did you do? 

record and do this workout again in a week – did you improve?


⇻Downward Dog Flow

(hold each pose for four counts)
•begin in downward dog

•flow into plank

•using your upper body, slowly lower yourself down to the floor into

•cobra, untuck your toes

•tuck toes back under and come back into 

•downward dog


tag #sculptbyal on Instagram to share your workout with me, and for a chance to be featured on my feed! 



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