#sculptbyal HIIT 1.0

One of the best (and perhaps also one of the most frustrating) things about being a trainer is teaching form. In this workout I’ll give step-by-step instruction for how to do these exercises correctly so you don’t injure yourself, and helpful tips.
This workout is great for high calorie burn, strengthening, and core stability.
360° high jump


  • begin with soft knees and jump into the air, while turning 180° in the opposite direction
  • perform a stationary jump using arms to propel 
  • land on soft feet

(this counts as one rep)

this is great for power, agility, and glutes, hamstrings, quads, and core

15 reps


Kneeling Plank


  • in kneeling position with hips and spine neutral, hands at your sides
  • begin to lean backwards with your core pulled inwards

tip: if you have weak abdominals or Diastasis Recti, listen to your body and only lean as far back as is comfortable, yet challenge yourself

  • keep legs and glutes engaged
  • return to start position 

this is excellent for balance, core (including lower back), glutes, and quads

12 reps 


Star Jump


  • in standing position with legs about shoulder width apart, jump feet out laterally 
  • extend arms outwards
  • return to standing position 

tip: imagine stretching your body out on all sides

this is especially good for stability and endurance, and also core and legs

12 reps


Curtsy Lunges


  • begin in standing position with feet together
  • with left leg in center, step right foot diagonally behind to the left 
  • lunge down, ensuring your body is aligned in a straight diagonal 
  • keep front foot stable, pointing forward

tip: move with slow and conscious movements, this exercise should not be rushed

this exercise is amazing for the larger of the glute muscles on the lateral part of the body — it helps grow the glute max

20 reps (10 ea side)




  • begin in high plank position 
  • with shoulders stacked directly over hands, legs straight, feet center,
  • use your upper-body to lower yourself down with control as low as you can
  • keep back flat
  • lift body back up into high plank

tip: this exercise is one I get questions on frequently — the only way to excel is to continue practicing real push-ups

this is excellent for the entire body, especially the upper body and core

10 reps


Forward Lunge


  • begin in standing position with feet shoulder width apart 
  • with hands on hips, step left foot forward
  • in a controlled movement, bring your right knee down close to the floor, as your bend your left knee
  • balancing on back leg, quickly bring front leg back to start position

tip: keep movements steady, controlled, and precise

this is especially good for the core, hamstrings, and glutes

20 reps (10 ea side)




  • begin on all-fours, make sure shoulders are stacked over hands
  • gaze should be slightly forward, back flat
  • bend knee
  • kick back to a 90° angle, and squeeze glute

tip: keep foot straight in line with your body

this does wonders for the glutes and core/lower back

24 reps (12 ea side)


Crab Walk


  • begin in a low squat position, feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart 
  • walk laterally while staying low
  • continue reps in same direction, then switch

tip: bend at the knees, not at the back

this is amazing for the core, glutes, and quads

16 reps (8 in either direction)


Plié Squat


  • begin in a wide sumo squat stance
  • point feet outward laterally
  • come up on toes, while resting hands on thighs
  • flutter heels onto the floor and back up, while holding in a squat position

tip: move slowly and intentionally — balance is key

this exercise is great for balance, control, and your calves, quads, and glutes

20 reps/flutters



I hope you enjoyed HIIT 1.0, subscribe to see more by following my blog and my Instagram


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