#sculptbyal Legs + Glutes 2.0

This workout is quick but effective for strength and booty gains (my favorite!). I’ve been doing the first exercise in this workout on repeat. When someone asks me why I deadlift: because it empowers me. These box deadlifts are the truth. Pulling 120 here for cardio. Make sure you use a weight that works for you. In terms of “lifting heavy” — this is relative. Heavy for one person may feel light to someone else.

For “light” weight – choose a weight that is challenging toward the end of 12-15 reps

For “heavy” weight – choose a weight that is challenging in the 3-8 reps range



For this workout, you need a few things, but you can modify or substitute with things you have around the house.







box deadlift

-form and proximity is very important when performing these, make sure you are in the center of the box and at the center of the barbell

-feet should be pointed straight forward

-lift with your legs and glutes

-activate and squeeze glutes at the top of the lift

-during the decline, allow barbell to extend down lower than the top of the box, but do not return it back to the floor

-have easy knees and remember, don’t use your upper body to lower the weight 

8-12 reps [lower weight = higher reps, higher weight = lower reps]


side hops

-keep feet together 

-jump laterally (to the side)

-land softly with easy knees

20 reps/10 ea side 


perform this supset 3X




-begin in standing position in front of box

-crouch down into a deep squat, bottom should be lower than knees

-feet should be close together

-stand up, step up onto box

-crouch down again in the same fashion

-stand up, step down

10 reps/5 ea side 


triple pulse lunge

-lunge forward creating a 90° angle with leading leg

-pulse back leg 3X

12 reps/6 ea side


perform this superset 2X



curl squat pulse 

-feet should be close

-squat down keeping back rounded

-keep elbows in

-pulse for two counts

-squeeze glutes when you stand up 

10 reps


crazy wall sit 

use a foam roller for smoother movements 

-lean back against wall and squat down into sitting position 

-legs should be parallel to floor, get low

-keep arms out in front of you

-pulse 5X

5 reps


perform this superset 3X


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