Daily Harvest — Organic Amazingness 

FRIENDS. I feel so fortunate to be able to try so many amazing products so I can share them with you. I only work with brands and people that I truly believe in, and Daily Harvest is no exception. I love straight-forward products that simplify and better my life and DH hits the nail on the MFing head. Daily Harvest provides organic smoothies, chia parfaits, and soups. The idea is that produce loses its nutrients as it travels before it is brought to you. These fruits and veggies are frozen straight from the farm so they arrive to you fresh with all the healthy benefits.

My delivery arrived right on time, shipped with dry ice to keep everything fresh. For the cost of shipping, packaging/care, and prepped organic smoothies, their subscriptions are very reasonable. 

I love that all the ingredients and easy-to-follow directions are written in plain sight on the side of each individual cup. They have plastic lids with a hole for a straw, so these are convenient for on-the-go. 

I made the mushroom-miso soup for lunch and am already preparing my next order. All the ingredients are profoundly fresh and vibrant. I couldn’t be more impressed.

The directions tell you to pour contents of the cup into a pot, and fill the cup with water or broth — I love not having to measure anything myself. I used water and the soup was very flavorful. I admittedly thought it wasn’t going to make for much soup but it was actually perfect for two. 

These easy and healthy snacks are a guilt-free choice I make for my family. I don’t always have the time (or energy) to whip up a nutritious bite and this takes the work and the worry out of how we will fuel ourselves between meals.

You can start a subscription with Daily Harvest today, and use the code FITBYAL for three free smoothies.



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