#sculptbyal HIIT 2.0: Total Body Tone + Endurance Training

Tell me one weakness and I’ll show you ten ways you’re strong. -al

This workout is the perfect thing to get you back on track after a weekend of eating pie, s’mores, and allll the goods. I have incorporated heavy and lighter weights into these supersets to jolt the system and challenge your muscles. 

When people see 1MR (one max rep) they get a little overwhelmed. What does that mean? How do I calculate that? I don’t have time to figure that out, I’ll just stick to what I know. Translation: I will stick to what’s easier. Don’t do it to yourself, I promise it’s super easy. If you know your 1MR, you simple divide weight from that to get the different percentages. 

For example, if you’re 1MR for deadlifts is 160, for the first exercises in the first superset of this workout, you’ll multiply 75% x 160

.75 x 160 = 120

So for that particular exercise you’ll lift 120 lbs. I know it may seem complicated but it is worth it to know these percentages so you can target what weight you should lift for specific goals.

Annnn…If all else fails, you can use this calculator. 



Total Body Tone + Endurance Training Workout 


Perform each round as a superset. So, ‘Round 1’ of deadlifts will precede ‘Round 1’ of kettlebell swings. You’ll perform this superset 4X, then move on to Round 2.



Round 1: 75% of 1MR – 7 reps X 4 sets

Round 2: 50% of 1MR – 12 X 3


Kettlebell Swings

Round 1: 10-15% of 1MR – 12 reps X 4 sets 

Round 2: 10-15% of 1MR – 15 X 3

Single Leg Deadlifts

15%-30% of 1MR – 10 X 3 (ea side)

-since this exercise is preformed in succession, take a 60 second break between each set

double weight [30% 1MR]

difficulty ☆ ☆ ☆

  • hold weight in each hand
  • though your mind will go directly to focusing on balance, don’t forget to practice good form too
  • make sure not to hunch your back
  • keep a straight and neutral spine 
  • remember, the floating leg is doing just that, don’t let it distract you

single weight [15% 1MR]

difficulty ☆ ☆ 

  • hold weight on the same side leg you are balancing on
  • place your opposite hand on your hip
  • ground your balanced foot into the mat for stabilization 

single weight w/ wall stabilization [15% 1MR]

difficulty ☆

  • hold weight on the same side leg you are balancing on
  • with opposite side hand, place your palm to the wall, make sure not to strain your wrist – a diagonal forward is usually the best for the movement

It’s always a great idea to practice some form of restorative workout after strenuous training. Make sure you have this balance so your muscles can perform to the best of their ability. 
Make it an amazing day, friends


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