Weekend Getaway: Packing  Light without Sacrificing Practicality 


One of the things I love about taking a trip is packing all of my favorite clothes and dressing a little more unusual than…well, usual. As a stay-at-home-mom, it’s rare I get to take a trip and even more rare to take one alone. This time, I’m taking my oldest daughter, Leni, to Chicago for a quick weekend getaway.

Since conforming to minimalism a few months ago, I got rid of more than half my clothing and accessories, donating to local organizations (and family). I find it so much easier to pack now, because all the things I own are practical and my favorites. I used to spend hours choosing what to take. Since we will only be gone for three days, two nights, I’m packing pretty light. And I know I’ll likely go shopping because I rarely buy anything in our small town. The majority of my wardrobe is black so it makes it easy to repeat outfits by pairing with accessories for a different look.



If you’re anything like me, the hardest part of packing is deciding which shoes to bring. Some simple but helpful questions to solve this minor dilemma:

What will you spend the majority of your trip doing?

How much will it suck if you don’t bring a particular shoe?

In Chicago, we’ll be walking around a lot so I’m packing a comfortable sandal since it’ll also be hot and humid as all get out. Other than that, a shoe for an evening out — I’m trying to decide between heels or an embellished sandal. 

(left to right) Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers $70; Teva Flatform Universal sandals, on sale, $25.99; Derek Lam pointed ankle booties sold out, similar: Derek Lam $318; Marni studded leather gladiator sandals sold out, not similar but badass: Marni $396.

One of the most important things I like to have when I travel are my beauty products. These are four essentials I’ll be bringing with me to Chi tomorrow.

(left to right) Way of Will face oil serum, $25 — I use this every day instead of a face cream. I’ll never go back to using lotions on my face or neck again; Volition Beauty mattifying mist, $29 — perfect for every day, I also pack this on-the-go spray for shine-free skin, that stays hydrated and soft; Art Naturals sea salt spray, $11 — gives hair texture and volume without weighing down, and it smells like summer at the beach!; Tom Ford Neroli Portofino unisex cologne, $225 — I love this scent because it’s a little bit floral and also has a hint of spice behind it.

It may seem silly to make an inventory of what to pack on an easy weekend vaca, but those are usually the trips we overpack for and forget something important, leading to an unnecessary purchase at the airport kiosk at 300% inflation. I have put together my own personal list I like to use for jet-sets to the city, I have also included what I’ll bring specifically on this trip:


– Friday to Sunday – 


clothes and accessories —

✔️2 bottoms

  • one casual option: leggings (will double for workout)
  • one chic option: knotted bottom maxi skirt 

✔️1 versatile piece

  • something that can be dressed up or down or interchangeably so it can be worn more than once: romper 

✔️2 practical tops

  • one casual option: plain tee
  • one chic option: crop top cami

✔️2 bras

  • sporty: racerback cotton bra 
  • versatile: crisscross front embellished bra

✔️3-4 pairs of underwear

✔️3-4 pairs of socks

✔️2 pairs of carry-on shoes


toiletries —


✔️travel toothpaste

✔️face oil (avoid dehydrated skin from travel) 

✔️hand cream to double as body cream 

✔️hair product you use daily 


✔️travel anti-shine/moitsurizing mist


etc. —

✔️phone charger




✔️feminine products (in case)



✔️watch/fitness tracker 



Did you like this list? Let me know what lists would be beneficial for you!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Getaway: Packing  Light without Sacrificing Practicality 

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