I Heart Yoga, A New Found Love


Do you want the good news or the good news first?

Exciting news num. 1: If you’ve been following along here and Instagram, you know I have begun my yoga journey. In September I’ll begin an in-person 200 hour YTT (yoga teacher training) at the aUM yoga studio in Ann Arbor, MI [voted the best studio in town in 2016/2017]. I’ll also be starting a preparatory 200 hour YTT online.  This will be convenient and allow me to prepare for my in-person training in the fall, while I’m at home with Filippa. #winwin


I find that my soul feels more full when I’m learning, though you never would have guessed it when I was younger because I hated school and structure. 

Exciting news num. 2: As an adult I crave structure. The adventurer in me has been replaced with the mother and anxiety in me — it can be difficult to find a balance, which is why yoga has been such a spiritual awakening for me. I feel clear-minded and stronger physically and mentally when I am on the mat. When I’m anxious about life’s situational complications I know I have a safe place where I can find graditude and peace. I’m grateful for my practices every day. I knew I wanted to make yoga a part of my every day, and wanted to incorporate it into my career path as well. While thinking about a way to make it a part of my lifestyle, a company immediately came to mind — one that would allow me to explore all the avenues of yoga and spirituality, a brand that also cares and empowers — I am so excited to announce my new affiliation with Manduka!!!

What attracted me to Manduka, was not only their fashion forward apparel in organic cotton; or the lifetime warranty on their Pro mats; but truly the lifestyle and community that envelope within the brand.  I love working with companies that represent people and quality. If you haven’t heard of Manduka, make sure to take a look at their products — products that I stand behind 💯.

To follow along on my journey through the online 200 YTT, search #yogaandal on Instagram and on my blog.



Namaste 🙏🏽


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