What You Need


I hear it from clients and fitness friends all the time — “I hate burpees”, or “I can’t really get into yoga”, or “I not a runner” (I, too, have been guilty of some of these). Truth be told —

the things we avoid doing are usually what we need the most. Why do we avoid them? Because they’re hard for us to do. Take yoga for example, years ago I took a Hatha yoga class at a local community college for an elective credit — I hated it. And that one example made me assume all yoga was slow, spiritual, and honestly left me feeling bored. You know why I stayed away for so long? Because in reality I actually needed those thing in my life but I wasn’t ready for them. Anxiety ridden and a mind constantly full of chaos. No wonder I didn’t want to slow down, listen to the spiritual perspective of life — it was hard for me. It took three years for me to get to a point where I stopped being stubborn and started living for my own well-being.

This can be applied to anything in life. We avoid difficult things because sometimes it’s easier to hurt a little every day than to make a change. But life doesn’t wait for us, days pass and what we settle for becomes the way we choose to live. 

For me, slowing down and being still are challenging. Intensity is easy. When I sat down and took an honest inventory of the things I need to balance my life so I could be happy, it naturally simplified. And these days it doesn’t take much for me to find happiness in the every day. 

The courage and root for motivation is usually the hardest thing for people to find. These two things cultivate strength, the foundation of The 3 Pillars. Where do you find your courage and what is the foundation of your drive? If you’re having a hard time answering these questions, this is a good place to start. Sit down and write out your thoughts, sometimes when you put them out into the universe they become reality. 

All my love,


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