Stop Yourself

1. Stop calling it a “cheat meal” — this refers to doing something wrong. Indulging in food guiltlessly and being able to get back to nutritious eating means your lifestyle is healthy. When you understand that, there’s no reason to restrict yourself from living life and enjoying something.

2. Stop comparing — just because so-and-so had a baby and is only six months postpartum and looks “better” than you doesn’t make you any less of a person. There will always be someone thinner than you, and someone less healthy than you. Just be you, that’s more than enough. 

3. Stop unconsciously living — when I was at my lowest point in my depression, I had bouts where all I wanted to do was listen to sad music so I could feel an ounce of emotion through the jaded numbness. I made a rule to do one thing every day for myself, even if it was as simple as drawing a hot bath. Do something that makes you happy every day so you can appreciate the small things, because the little moments are the parts that compose the majority of our lives.

4. Stop surrounding yourself with shitty people — this one took me a long time to come around to. For years I spent time with people who were judgemental, disloyal, negative, and self-loathing — spoiler, I was just like them. I always hated the saying, you’re only as good as the company you keep – but it’s so damn true. If you keep someone around who constantly complains it starts to seep in. Healthy people are also healthy minded people. 

5. Stop expecting you won’t fail — life is full of failures, in fact, probably a lot more than accomplishments. If you stopped dating after the first five bad dates there would be a lot of single people out there. Rejection, missed goals, it’s all part of the process. Accept it and keep moving forward. 

6. Stop the jealousy — period. 

7. Stop placing worth on material things — now, this one may only resonate with some, but I guarantee it is essential for total happiness. Hiding behind name brands, thinking a dress is going to make you feel better…find a way for your mind and body to allow you to feel confident in anything. This is one I’m still working on. For a long time I hid behind my clothes because I was unhappy with my body and had low self esteem. There’s nothing wrong with liking the way you look in something, but don’t let it define you. Any material thing should serve a purpose and add to your life, otherwise it just becomes mental clutter. 

8. Stop expecting perfection — when we start our fitness journey we all have a picture in our mind of what we want to look like at the end of our transformation. It rarely results in this way, because we continue to desire more. When fitness and health become a lifestyle you no longer chase after a fictitious body, you become content with your own and learn to embrace it and love it. Because nothing beautiful in life is “perfect”.

9. Stop ignoring your inner voice — and start listening to it. If you’re not a sociopath you likely have that voice inside that tells you when something is a bad idea, listen to it. Treat yourself well. Don’t do things out of habit or because you’re afraid of what someone might think. Our conscience is a lot stronger than we allow ourselves to believe.

10. Stop giving power to negativity — when something bothers you or you start to go down a dark path, acknowledge it, get to the root of why you’re thinking about it and then resolve it in your head. I’ve gotten to a point in my life where anyone could say something about my body or my actions and I really don’t give a fuck. Now, obviously if it’s someone in my life and the opinion has any merit that’s another thing.

I am living my life authentically. I’m doing the best with what I have. I’m happy. I used to allow comments on Instagram or baffling things people would say seep inside. Today, I know there is nothing anyone can say that I haven’t already thought about myself and let go of. No one has the power to make you feel, that is your power. 


When we stop ourselves and start to think more consciously it’s almost certain we realize that we have been abusive to ourselves in the past. Break free from societal pressures, justifications you allow yourself to believe, and negativity. What if we could live a life that we tell our loved ones, our children to live? 

Do you have one to add to the list? Sound off below in the comments.

Happy Friday, friends.


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