The Secret to Overcoming Holiday Indulgence

✨ Do it. ✨



As much as I would like to take the guidance of how-to-keep-from-overeating-during-the-holiday posts seriously, I’m seriously getting sick of seeing them. I understand we are a society that indulges too much, and we need to make an effort to adjust our portions – overall. I don’t believe in guilting yourself over spending time with loved ones and enjoying amazing food. To appreciate this privilege on a special occasion is more than most people ever acknowledge.

Further, if you make yourself feel bad for indulging over the holiday, you’re more likely to fall off your entire workout routine. It does not have to be all or nothing. Finding the balance between ‘living’ and getting back to your obligation of healthy living is the ultimate freedom.

So stop worrying about the calories of one day, and focus on life, thriving, laughing, and making memories. You will take care of yourself accordingly.

Much love to you and your tribe this holiday.




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