What Every Fittie Wants

If you know/are a fitness fanatic, you’ll want to take note of my ultimate present list for the fitties. Over the past two years of my fitness journey and as an influencer, I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with many brands, allowing me to try various products that bring value to my workouts and everyday life.

One of the things I look for in a brand or product is how they give back to the community or to the environment — this is very important to me. I also look at what makes them different from their competitors and how their products/services benefit myself and the world around me. It was really hard for me to curate this list down to my top 8, but here they are:

1. Phlur

These beautifully crafted fragrances are like nothing else out on the market right now. With their long-lasting scents and environmentally conscious packaging, these are an amazing gift for anyone. Minimalistic in design, yet complex in aroma; this is my favorite brand for perfume/cologne.



ALeisure Logo

For comfort and athleisure-chic wear, head over to my online store. The sayings on each garment are garnished from my own personal fitness journey, with the hope to empower and inspire others.


3. Orgain


Easily the best plant-based protein option I’ve found. It tastes incredible and contains all organic ingredients. This is my daily go-to for a post workout pick-me-up. My kids love it and I owe much of my lean muscle gain to Orgain. Anyone who is health-conscious and enjoys the benefits of plant-based products will love these products.


4. Bulldog Yoga


Give the gift of fun fitness! These online yoga classes are unique with kickass soundtracks, high calorie burning moves, sans the sanskrit-y yoga lingo. Students have the option of short “Bulldog Bites” classes, and different intensities of classes. This is a great gift for any fitness level. You can use FITBYAL15 for 15% off your first purchase, which also includes their super cute apparel.


5. Zella, Exclusively for Nordstrom


With luxurious fabrics and trendy silhouettes, Zella is a fun and chic athletic apparel brand, sold exclusively at Nordstrom. Any fittie would love the versatile pieces from the newest collection.


6. Daily Harvest



This smoothie delivery service has been a game-changer in my home. They boast organic ingredients, frozen directly from the farm for maximum freshness and health benefits. They are easy to make and guilt-free. These make a great stocking stuffer! Use FITBYAL for 3 free smoothies with your order.


7. Volition Mattifying Mist


My oil controlling mattifying mist is the perfect gift for the yogi, weight-lifter, runner, or pilates fanatic. With a humectant powder, it leaves a velvet finish on the skin post-workout. I also use it to set my makeup. Available on the Volition and Sephora sites.


8. iFit Nourish


This company creates shake mixes that cater to your needs. Whether it’s as a vegan, because you’re allergic to nuts, or because you are looking to tone and sculpt or lose weight — there’s a unique mix for you. They are currently offering a free trial, after that, you can continue with a monthly subscription. This is the greatest answer to supplementing for health and fitness.


I have previously been sponsored or have endorsed for these companies, but all opinions are honest and my own. 


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