more raw, more me


Ever since I started I knew I wanted this space to stay true to me. Even though I have had opportunities to sponsor brands (I have made paid posts in the past), I never want writing here to be something I do because I have to. I enjoy writing and I want it to stay that way. Like anything else in life, inspiration and content come and go, it wouldn’t be authentic to me if I started writing about bullshit just to get paid.

With that said, sorry I’ve been MIA here. I started a line of comfort wear with empowering memes, then I took a step back and realized what my life was missing — I needed to further how I help others. I’m extending what I offer my clients later this year. I’ll still be offering personal training, but I’ll also be offering life coaching. I must have searched dozens of online programs for my training. When I found Catalyst Coach Intensive, I literally said, ‘yes!’ out-loud. I vibed so hard. I begin my training on January 21, and I am fucking beyond excited; to offer my clients total mind and body coaching; to become a better woman; and to continue to grow the incredible community that feels empowered and strong.

This space will change over the next several months, if anything, it will become even more raw and more me, as I go on my own journey through life coaching training and open myself to help guide others.

Please make sure to subscribe if you aren’t already, we are about to take shit by storm.

Much love,



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