Hi. I’m Al.

I’m have major wanderlust with a side of anxiety. I love the hip-hop artists eevee, Ta-ku, and Slum Village. I don’t have an in-between between sweatpants and heels. I’m somewhere in the middle of extravagance and minimalism. I was on my way to fashion school when reality hit me and I moved back to my home town in Ann Arbor, MI…

I began my fitness journey at the end of February, 2016. After being diagnosed with anxiety and struggling through postpartum depression, I needed something to pull me out of the dark. It was immediately noticeable that fitness and healthy living (mentally and physically) were the change I had been searching for.

I began a fitness profile on Instagram for accountability and a way to stay connected with inspiring and motivating women. As my passion grew for fitness, so did my love of sharing my experiences and triumphs; I was no longer afraid to tell people I had been a young single mother or to talk about my depression. I was able to use this platform to self-medicate by sharing my thoughts about my journey through fitness and how it brought me empowerment to better myself. I wanted others to feel empowered too, so I enrolled in NASM’s program to become a certified personal trainer. I never thought I would become an athlete, but now I can proudly say that I am an [unprofessional] athlete. (insert smiley face)

Fitness has brought so much to my life, I am grateful for what it continues to show me. I have been so fortunate to be able to meet people, have opportunities to spread awareness through my mission, and build a career through all of this.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you’ll stay a while.

My expertise is in postpartum fitness. I have a background in neuromuscular therapy, and I am a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, with a focus in Women’s Fitness. 


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Sometimes, people say nice things about me.


“I found fitness a year and a half ago and fell in love with the way it made me feel inside and out. Then, I got pregnant with my second child and was unable to exercise during most of my pregnancy because I felt sick most of the time. Then, after a couple of months post-partum I really wanted to get back into working out but didn’t know where to start since I was so out of shape. Enter Al. She created a program to get me back into fitness, while minding my diastasis recti and current condition. She checked in with me constantly, and modified my training according to my input. After only 4 short weeks, I can see my body changing, but mostly my energy, my mood and sleep improving. Al is an amazing trainer and wonderful person. I’m so glad I found her!”


Clau’s 4 week progress

“I started working with Al in October & from the very start she’s completely inspired me to take back control of my health & my body. She recognized from almost the beginning that I probably had a condition called diastasis recti & she stopped the whole program, sent me to my doctor, who confirmed her suspicion. Al discontinued the whole program she had created for me & began again to create a program that began correcting the D.R. At some point, everyday, she makes contact to inspire & to give me the accountability I really needed. She’s so real & authentic that she makes her program attractive wherever you are in your fitness level. There’s just something about Al that will make you dig deep & source your inner warrior because she reminds you that’s who you are. Because of Al, I see fitness as something I deserve not something I’m forced to do.”


“Al is the real deal. She knows her stuff. Her coaching is a great mix of intelligence, hilariousness, and encouragement. If you’re looking for someone to train you, who is authentic and inspirational, look no further.”


“Your workout is absolutely awesome, just completed the 25th set and body changes are very noticeable, much better than my previous year. A big thank you to you!”


“Alice really knows her stuff. She has taught me so much, and is a huge inspiration with her training ethics. If you need some help getting in shape, I highly recommend her! She’ll change your life!”







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