If you have followed my fitness journey on Instagram, you know I have been growing my glutes from the beginning. My entire life I felt cursed with genetics of a pancake booty. I had no idea I could build my glutes, it never occurred to me this was possible.

After getting certified as a personal trainer, I had an “ah-ha” moment where I realized, that though we are predisposed to certain attributes, it is possible to sculpt our bodies; it takes hard work and dedication.

There are so many false remedies out there that it’s no wonder people believe they can acquire weightloss, larger glutes, etc. by drinking a tea or taking a supplement. If you put in the effort and commit, this can result in an amazing transformation, both physically and mentally. In my ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo above, I lost fat from pregnancy, and then began a “bulking” phase to grow my glutes. I used very specific exercises and targeted muscles to produce these results. And of course, diet plays a role as well.

I have created a directive to provide exercises, as well as informative techniques that are backed by science. My background is in neuromuscular therapy — I have a strong understanding of musculature and the way the body moves. The foundation of all these exercises target the glutes, but also the core and lower extremities.

Here is your free week of #sculptbyal booty building®:

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By downloading this directive, you acknowledge full responsibly of its use. Fit by Al can not be held responsible for misuse of the exercises or persons using the guide with underlying muscular dysfunction.