HIIT Workouts for High Caloric Burn + Metabolism Efficiency

sent to you with timer, all you do is follow the workout!

╱╱ individual workouts – $1.99!

╱╱ 3-pack for the week – $4.99

  • perfect to blast past plateaus
  • promote efficient metabolism with intervals
  • high caloric burn in a short amount of time
  • individual workouts allow you to tailor your routine
  • convenient, short workouts for a busy schedule
  • effective, scientifically proven exercises to burn fat and tone up
  • #sculptbyal workouts that are well thought out, with postpartum bodies in mind
  • also available: custom workouts for indoor cycling, leg day, arm day. etc. — email for more info on these packs.

individual HIIT workout $1.99 Purchase

3-pack for the week $4.99 Purchase

Online Training
╱╱6 week program — $300

  • tailored to your individual goals
  • assessment
  • weekly check-ins
  • email support
  • dynamic #fitbyal workouts to boost your metabolism and burn calories efficiently

6 week program $300 Purchase

╱╱12 week program — $580

  • tailored to your individual goals
  • assessment
  • check-ins twice a week
  • email and Skype support
  • dynamic #fitbyal workouts to boost your metabolism and burn calories efficiently

12 week program $580 Purchase

Lifestyle Coaching

╱╱ 4 week lifestyle coaching — $200

Best as an addition to a training program, lifestyle coaching is an immersive strategy for changing way of life.

  • positive thinking and solution
  • forward affirmations and developing healthy habits

4 week lifestyle coaching $200 Purchase


In-Person Training (local in Ann Arbor, MI)
╱╱60 min. — $60

  • consult and assessment
  • direction and support
  • tailored workouts for your goals

60 min. training session $60 Purchase


For other options, such as bootcamp style group workouts please email.


My Transformation Using #SculptbyAl Dynamic Workouts



“I started working with Al in October & from the very start she’s completely inspired me to take back control of my health & my body. She recognized from almost the beginning that I probably had a condition called diastasis recti & she stopped the whole program, sent me to my doctor, who confirmed her suspicion. Al discontinued the whole program she had created for me & began again to create a program that began correcting the D.R. At some point, everyday, she makes contact to inspire & to give me the accountability I really needed. She’s so real & authentic that she makes her program attractive wherever you are in your fitness level. There’s just something about Al that will make you dig deep & source your inner warrior because she reminds you that’s who you are. Because of Al, I see fitness as something I deserve not something I’m forced to do.”


“Al is the real deal. She knows her stuff. Her coaching is a great mix of intelligence, hilariousness, and encouragement. If you’re looking for someone to train you, who is authentic and inspirational, look no further.”


“Your workout is absolutely awesome, just completed the 25th set and body changes are very noticeable, much better than my previous year. A big thank you to you!”


“Alice really knows her stuff. She has taught me so much, and is a huge inspiration with her training ethics. If you need some help getting in shape, I highly recommend her! She’ll change your life!”




All services are rendered as opinion. Each client acknowledges such at their own risk, and will comply honestly about previous and current health condition. You are 18-years of age (or have the signature of a legal guardian to practice) and consent to fitness and lifestyle advisory by Fit by Al®, without any penalty to Fit by Al® and its subjects/employees for any injuries you may incur.